CBGZ-1000 Intelligent Fault Indicator

Product Details


The CBGZ-1000 Intelligent Fault Indicator is used to monitor fault conditions and line parameters online. It is an intelligent power line management system with distributed monitoring, centralized management and instant notification. In the system, the detection terminal is mounted on the power transmission network where it needs to be monitored (such as each branch, each accident-prone area, and cable connector). It can monitor the running status of the line in real time. In the case of short circuit faults, ground faults, segment lines, theft, etc., the monitoring center displays the alarm within tens of seconds and sends a message to the mobile phone for maintenance personnel. It can display line load current and temperature change. You can fully master the operation of the line without leaving the house. And other monitoring content can be added according to user needs. The application of the system greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff, shortens the power outage time, reduces the power loss, improves the reliability of the power supply, and improves the automation of the operation.

Product Main Function:

1.Online monitoring of the short circuit fault and earth fault, over-current, off line,  load current, lack of phase, real-time data of circuits, and so on.

2.Monitoring line load current, and display the current change curve on the system center.

3.Can be used as power supply circuit maintenance intelligent inspection system, monitoring maintenance personnel whether to inspection the power line on time.

4.The hardware and software with functions of bidirectional transmission, that Can view the latest data on computer terminals.

5.Monitoring the power line other parameters, according to customer's requirements.  

6.Remote sensing, remote measurement, acquisition and transfer operation parameters, including all kinds of electric parameters (on line current, frequency, etc ) and load current, etc.

7.Remote communication, remote signal, When the fault occurs, collect and transmit the current status information back to system center.

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