Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System Fault Sensors

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Model Number: CBGZ-1000S  
Joint Type: Clamp Joint Type  
Application: Overhead 6-50KV High Voltage Cable
IP Code: IP68  

Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System Fault Sensor is a detection device designed for automatic monitoring of grid power supply system. Its design uses electromagnetic induction, photoelectric conversion, optical fiber signal transmission and single-chip control technology to make cable fault alarm with high accuracy and strong anti-interference ability. It is suitable for 6-50KV medium and high voltage switchgear and power distribution system. It is mainly used to detect, indicate, transmit fault signals and send remote indication alarms. It also has memory and recovery functions. It enables maintenance personnel to find the interval where the fault occurs and improve the ability of fault analysis, so as to quickly eliminate the fault, reduce the power outage area, and shorten the power outage time.The system is mainly installed in the high-voltage switchgear, ring network cabinet, cable distribution box and other electrical equipment feeding circuit and power distribution system.

Fault indicator technical parameter

Parameter Items

Parameter Name

Parameter Details

Electrical Parameter

Short circuit fault action current


Earth fault action current


Analog measurement cycle

Measuring one time every 30minuts

Applicable voltage grade

6~35 kV

Applicable wire current

10~700A (Default)

Applicable power frequency

50 Hz/60Hz (According customer’s request)

Maximum short circuit current


Short circuit recognition time


Load measurement accuracy


Power supply mode

Lithium battery+Self-charging from the cable

Communication mode

Radio frequency

Static power loss


Action power loss

<20 mA

Minimum load current of the insulated cable


Minimum load current of the bare cable


Engineering Parameter

Auto reset mode

Time reset+Auto reset after the power line recover (According customer’s request),

Action times

≥5000 Times

Continuous flash time


Flash time interval


Ambient temperature

-40 ℃ ~+75 ℃

Relative humidity

≤ 95%

Applicable wire diameter


Maximum wind speed


Applicable altitude


Fault alarm accuracy


Protection class


Pollution class

Working life

10 Years


60000 H


500g more or less

Product main function:

1. Quickly indicate the fault line and fault point to reduce the power outage area;

2. Shorten troubleshooting time and increase power sales and power supply reliability;

3. Accurately indicate instantaneous faults, which is conducive to eliminating potential power hazards;

4. Provides technical means for finding hidden permanent points of failure;

5. Shorten the search time of the fault point and reduce the labor intensity of the line inspection personnel;

6. Define the fault responsibility area and clarify the responsible person;

7. Avoid the impact of traditional multiple pull-up patrol lines on power equipment;

Structural features

1. Adopt new digital circuit, combined with special chip and single chip and other imported components.

2. The card wire structure is made of magnetic material and treated with nickel plating. It has strong magnetic permeability and strong corrosion resistance.

3. The display part adopts red fluorescent paint, which is strong in vision and can be clearly indicated under nighttime low-light irradiation conditions, and does not fade under long-term outdoor ultraviolet irradiation.

4. The high-strength and high-perspective aviation materials are formed in one time and treated by special chemical techniques.

5. Better perspective, anti-pollution, anti-aging.

6. High-performance lithium battery, the service life can reach more than 8 years.

Detection Principle

1. Grounding detection principle: the first half of the capacitor current at the sampling grounding moment and the first half of the voltage at the grounding instant, compare the phase, when the capacitance current at the sampling grounding moment is abrupt and larger than a certain value, and the first half of the voltage with the grounding instant In phase, and the voltage of the conductor to ground is reduced, it is judged that the line is grounded, otherwise the line is not grounded.

2. Short-circuit detection principle: According to the short-circuit phenomenon; the current is abruptly changed at the moment of short-circuit, and the protection action is blackout as the action basis.

3. Over-current detection principle: After the line has a large instantaneous current, the line does not trip, the current returns to normal current or trip occurs, and the line can operate normally after re-closing, it is judged as over-current.

The composition of system

System including server, switch, fault detection terminal. Respectively installed in monitoring center, wire pole, overhead cable.

1.Monitoring center include:
One set data processor with system main software. Monitoring center would be setup in the office of the power supply bureau dispatch, power substation, special line worker, etc.
2.Overhead cable installing part include:
(1)Line fault monitor
Can send and receive signals of line fault monitoring terminal, 3pcs/SET. Respectively installed in A,B,C three phase cable. Each monitor built-in ultra-low power consumption of the CPU and wireless RF module(Texas instruments (TI) Zigbee wireless communication methods) sent out the fault data, and sent the fault data to fault data collection terminal via wireless RF.
(2)Fault data collection terminal
Fault data collection terminal installed on the wire pole, one data collection terminal can receive data from nearby three line fault monitor, and analysis and process the fault data then sent to control center by GSM/GPRS.
The fault date collection terminal is mainly composed of the solar panel, wireless receiving template, industrial GPRS module, CPU template, (Without SIM card). (As followed picture)

Detection principle
Short circuit fault detection
1.(I)It≥300A    It - Current start value mutation
2.I≥0.5IO          I - Electric current changing rate,
                    IO - Line current before short circuit
3.I=O               I - Current after the line fault  
4.0.02S≤T≤3S   T - Current mutation time
Earth-fault detection:
Uz - Line voltage≥3kV
IL- Loading current≥20A
△IZ - Mutation current of the first half wave peak≥30A
△Uz - Earth fault phase voltage drop ratio≥30%
T1 - Normal operation time of the line≥30S
T2 - The fault duration≥1ms
T3 - Earth fault phase voltage continue drop duration before power outage≥60S
Detection of zero sequence current is greater than 15A (Can be set)
The power distribution cable line
1. Short circuit fault detection: same as overhead line
2. Earth-fault detection: Detection of zero sequence current is greater than 15A (Can be set)

System Software Installing
For Windows XP/Win7,Mobile software for Android

Order Information:
1.Provide the circuit diagram and terminal installation position
2.Provide circuit parameters
3.Provide mobile GSM card

Test Report:
Our products have already passed the test by CMA, CNAS,CE till now, and we also have ability to arrange other relevant testing and factory audit as your requirement.