Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System

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Model Number: CBGZ-1000 
Brand Name: Chaobo  
Joint Type: Clamp Joint Type  
Application: Overhead 6-50KV High Voltage Cable
IP Code: IP68(Fault Indicator Sensors) / IP55(Data Collection Terminal)  

Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System is installed on the 6-50KV transmission and distribution line to indicate the fault current circulation. It is suitable for the detection and indication of cable short-circuit faults such as cable distribution boxes and ring network switch cabinets. The indicator is embedded with advanced microchips, which have the advantages of intelligence and low power consumption. If the line is short-circuited, the line patrol personnel can quickly determine the fault section and find the fault point by means of the red alarm of the indicator, which greatly improves the work efficiency, shortens the power-off time, and effectively improves the reliability of the power supply. The fault detection device has a novel detection method, which is not only reliable in operation, stable in performance, but also extremely simple and convenient to install and unload. 

Product main function:

1. Fault indication: In normal operation, the window is displayed in white; when a short circuit fault occurs, the window is displayed in red.

2. Automatic reset: After the line is restored, the fault indicator will be automatically reset. The reset time can be selected by the customer according to the line environment, the length of the line, and the department requirements.

3. Live loading and unloading: The charging and unloading is extremely simple and does not affect the line operation.

4. Provides technical means to find hidden fault points.

5. Quickly identify faulty lines and points of failure to reduce troubleshooting time.

6. Accurately indicate instantaneous faults, which is conducive to eliminating power supply hazards.

7. Avoid the impact of traditional multiple gates on power equipment.

System technical characteristics:

1) The action is accurate and the anti-interference ability is strong: the signal is not affected by the line, the magnetizing inrush current, the higher harmonics, the current fluctuation, especially the cable distributed capacitance bypass.

2) The fault segment is simple to find: the indicator is directly installed on the distribution line, and the fault segment can be easily found by the action of two adjacent indicators.

3) Automatic/manual reset: The indicator automatically returns to the normal position from the fault state after the action according to the factory-set reset time; it can also be manually reset according to the user's needs.

4) Simple loading and unloading operation: live loading and unloading, and special loading tools can be used to charge and discharge indicators.

The composition of system
System including server, switch, fault detection terminal. Respectively installed in monitoring center, wire pole, overhead cable.

1.Monitoring center include:
One set data processor with system main software. Monitoring center would be setup in the office of the power supply bureau dispatch, power substation, special line worker, etc.
2.Overhead cable installing part include:
(1)Line fault monitor
Can send and receive signals of line fault monitoring terminal, 3pcs/SET. Respectively installed in A,B,C three phase cable. Each monitor built-in ultra-low power consumption of the CPU and wireless RF module(Texas instruments (TI) Zigbee wireless communication methods) sent out the fault data, and sent the fault data to fault data collection terminal via wireless RF. 


(2)Fault data collection terminal
Fault data collection terminal installed on the wire pole, one data collection terminal can receive data from nearby three line fault monitor, and analysis and process the fault data then sent to control center by GSM/GPRS.
The fault date collection terminal is mainly composed of the solar panel, wireless receiving template, industrial GPRS module, CPU template, (Without SIM card). (As followed picture)

Detection principle
Short circuit fault detection
1.(I)It≥300A     It - Current start value mutation
2.I≥0.5IO         I - Electric current changing rate,
                       IO - Line current before short circuit
3.I=O               I - Current after the line fault  
4.0.02S≤T≤3S      T - Current mutation time 

Earth-fault detection:
Uz - Line voltage≥3kV
IL- Loading current≥20A
△IZ - Mutation current of the first half wave peak≥30A
△Uz - Earth fault phase voltage drop ratio≥30%
T1 - Normal operation time of the line≥30S
T2 - The fault duration≥1ms
T3 - Earth fault phase voltage continue drop duration before power outage≥60S 

Detection of zero sequence current is greater than 15A (Can be set)
The power distribution cable line
1.Short circuit fault detection: same as overhead line
2.Earth-fault detection: Detection of zero sequence current is greater than 15A (Can be set)

Technical Parameter
1.Fault indicator technical parameter

Parameter Items

Parameter Name

Parameter Details

Electrical Parameter

Short circuit fault action current

100A (Default,Can be set before delivery)

Earth fault action current

40A (The default injection method of grounding,Can be set before delivery)

Analog measurement cycle

Measuring one time every 30minuts (Default,Can be set before delivery)

Applicable voltage grade

6~35 kV

Applicable wire current

10~700A (Default)

Applicable power frequency

50 Hz/60Hz (According customer’s request)

Maximum short circuit current


Short circuit recognition time


Load measurement accuracy


Power supply mode

Lithium battery+Self-charging from the cable

Communication mode

Radio frequency

Static power loss


Action power loss

<20 mA

Minimum load current of the insulated cable


Minimum load current of the bare cable


Engineering Parameter

Auto reset mode

Time reset+Auto reset after the power line recover (According customer’s request),

Action times

≥5000 Times

Continuous flash time


Flash time interval


Ambient temperature

-40 ℃~+75 ℃

Relative humidity


Applicable wire diameter


Maximum wind speed


Applicable altitude


Fault alarm accuracy


Protection class


Pollution class

Working life

10 Years


60000 H


500g more or less

2.Fault data collection terminal parameter

Parameter Items

Parameter Name

Parameter Details

Power Loss Performance

Static power loss


Maximum power loss (GPRS communication)

<1000 mA

Maximum power loss (Without communication)

<200 mA


Communication Parameters

Radio frequency

2.4G,(Free Frequency)

GSM Transmitting and receiving performance

Meet GSM terminal industrial standards (Customize)

GPRS Transmitting and receiving performance

Meet GPRS terminal industrial standards (Default)


Power Supply Mode

Solar cell panel


Storage battery


The continuous working days under darkness

More than 10 days

Engineering Parameter

Ambient temperature

-40 ℃ ~ +75 ℃

Relative humidity


Applicable altitude

≤5000 m

Storage battery working life

3~5 Years


60000 H

System Software Installing
For Windows XP/Win7,Mobile software for Android

Order Information:
1.Provide the circuit diagram and terminal installation position
2.Provide circuit parameters
3.Provide mobile GSM card

Test Report:
Our products have already passed the test by CMA, CNAS,CE till now, and we also have ability to arrange other relevant testing and factory audit as your requirement.