Fault Finding Method


When a short circuit or earth fault occurs on the line, the fault current flowing through the fault indicator that installed on the line will turn red flag or red LED flash. However, the fault indicator at the non-faulty line, non-faulty branch and after fault point do not operate.

Patrolling personnel from the substation along the fault line to see the fault indicator display, the fault range is determined between the two fault indicators which is the last one action with red flag or red LED flash and the first one not operate, thereby quickly determining fault sections, branches and fault points.

Remote fault indicator with communication function, you don't have to go to the field patrol to find fault, The fault indicator through the data collection terminal with the system software will show the fault data in the monitoring system station or mobile phone with in 3-5 minutes, that determine the fault area.



Action principle

Short circuit detection principle: According to the phenomenon of short circuit,the current break when short circuit happen, the action on the basis of the protection movement power outages.

Used to judge the short circuit fault indicator diagram


As line 2# B phase 2,5,8 indicator and line 2# C phase 3,6,9 indicator turn red, but the 11,12 indicator still show white, that judged the point D happen short circuit

Used to judge the grounding fault indicator diagram:


As line 2# C phase 3,6,9 indicator turn red,but the 12 indicator still s how white, that judged the point D happen earth fault.