Fault Indicator For Overhead Network Features

1. fault monitoring: ground fault indicator (fault indicator for overhead network) has the function of short circuit, earth fault identification;

2. online: mounted directly on the power line (overhead or bus), you can run for a long time without maintenance;

3. fault: detection of short-circuit fault, line current mutations and switch tripped behind the fault indications are given without setting action;

4. display mode: display the flop or light emitting display, 360 ° range can be observed, when the flop, signs with night vision reflective technology;

5. current: when the line when transmission indicator magnetizing inrush current is detected, action loop blocking to prevent malfunction fault indicator;

6. charge handling: electric installation and pick the unloading, loading and unloading processes without false alarms,

7. rust and corrosion: corrosion protection of structural parts with rust-proof material.