Fault Indicator Monitoring System Post-management And Maintenance Is Also A Relationship

For a long time, due to the maintenance of the Fault Indicator Monitoring Systemis not taken seriously, resulting in a lot of monitoring equipment has just been put into use to be damaged, the reason is nothing more than the following.

1, the management department of the Fault Indicator Monitoring Systemmaintenance work is not enough attention, that there is no need to put too much manpower, material and financial resources, and thus ignore the management process in the management system management facilities, leading to the system of late management and maintenance can not keep up.

2, there is no complete, planned monitoring equipment to maintain the implementation of the program. Garment City, the number of monitoring equipment up to hundreds of units, and distributed throughout the mall, equipment maintenance is a difficult and important work, these monitoring equipment classification and develop a maintenance program, the complex cumbersome work becomes structured, Clear. When a device fails, the professional technician can quickly call out the relevant technical parameters of the device, performance indicators and other relevant information, and take targeted maintenance measures to effectively improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance.

3, the monitoring equipment procurement too much consideration of the equipment cost-effective and ignore the Fault Indicator Monitoring Systemand equipment maintenance and maintenance of the latter part. Monitoring equipment, too many manufacturers, product suppliers too much, manufacturers after-sales protection measures are not in place and so on, resulting in monitoring equipment used for some time, the equipment failure, the rate of failure rising, and ultimately had to carry out a large area of the original equipment updates, There is a repeated investment, a serious waste of the phenomenon.

The old saying that the good, "clever and difficult to cook without rice", the maintenance of the Fault Indicator Monitoring Systemis the same reason, the Fault Indicator Monitoring Systemfor normal equipment maintenance required for the basic maintenance conditions, that is, "four", that is, spare parts Qi , Accessories Qi, tools Qi, instrument Qi.

In general, the maintenance of each system must be the establishment of the corresponding spare parts library, the main reserve some of the more important and damaged after the repair is not easy to repair equipment, such as cameras, lenses, monitors and so on. Once the equipment fails, the system may not function properly and must be replaced in a timely manner. Therefore, a certain amount of spare parts must be available, and the stock of the spare parts library must be continuously updated according to the equipment maintenance and the operating cycle of the equipment.

2, equipment maintenance in some of the notes

In the maintenance of the Fault Indicator Monitoring Systemequipment, the situation should be to prevent some of the situation, as far as possible the normal operation of the equipment, the main need to do moisture, dust, corrosion, lightning protection, anti-interference work.

For the Fault Indicator Monitoring Systemof various collection equipment, because the equipment directly placed in a dusty environment, the operation of the equipment will have a direct impact, need to focus on moisture, dust, corrosion maintenance work. Such as the camera hanging in the long-term shed, protective cover and dust glass will soon be covered with a layer of dust, carbon ash and other mixtures, dirty and black, but also corrosive, seriously affect the viewing effect, but also to the equipment belt To damage, so you must do a good job of the camera dust, anti-corrosion maintenance work. In some places where the humidity is heavier, you must adjust the installation location and equipment protection during the maintenance process to improve the moisture resistance of the equipment itself. At the same time, dehumidification measures should be taken to solve the moisture problem frequently.

As long as engaged in the maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems work people know that the thunderstorm weather, the equipment was lightning is common, to monitor the normal operation of the equipment caused a great security risk, therefore, monitoring equipment in the maintenance process must be on the mine highly valued. Lightning protection measures to do the equipment to do the grounding of the mine, should be done by the equipotential body to do an independent resistance to less than 1 Europe integrated grounding network, to prevent the weak system lightning protection grounding and power lightning protection grounding network Mixed together to prevent electrical grounding clutter from interfering with the equipment. Anti-interference is the main wiring should adhere to the principle of strong and weak separation, the power cable with the communication cable and video cable separately, in strict accordance with the communications and power industry wiring specifications construction.