Fault Indicator Monitoring System The Lens Is Wiped Clean And The Clarity Is Adjusted

FaultIndicator Monitoring System equipment maintenance and maintenance rules are as follows:

1, the quarterly equipment, dust, clean up, clean the monitoring equipment exposed dust, the camera, protective cover and other components to remove the full hair dust, then use the anhydrous alcohol cotton to clean the various lenses, adjust the clarity, to prevent Due to machine operation, static electricity and other factors will be dust inhalation monitoring equipment body, to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time check the monitoring room ventilation, cooling, dust, power supply and other facilities. Leaving the room monitoring equipment a good operating environment.  

  2, according to the FaultIndicator Monitoring System of the use of various parts of the device instructions, the monthly detection of its technical parameters and FaultIndicator Monitoring System transmission line quality, to deal with hidden dangers,Fault Indicator Monitoring System to help monitor the use of supervise set level and other data to ensure that all parts of the equipment The function is good and can run normally.

3, easy to aging monitoring equipment components once a month to conduct a comprehensive inspection, once the aging phenomenon should be promptly replaced, maintenance, such as video first.  

4, easy to clean part of the quarterly regular cleaning time, such as the monitor exposed to the air, due to the electrostatic effect of the screen, there will be a lot of dust is adsorbed on the monitor surface, affecting the clarity of the screen, to regularly wipe the monitor , Proofread the color and brightness of the monitor.   

5, a long time to monitor the work of the equipment regularly maintained once a month, such as hard disk video recorders work for a long time will produce more heat,Fault Indicator Monitoring System once the fan is faulty, will affect the heat, so that the hard disk video recorder is not working properly.

6, the FaultIndicator Monitoring System and equipment to monitor the operation, analysis of the operation, timely detection and troubleshooting. Such as: network equipment,Fault Indicator Monitoring System server systems, monitoring terminals and a variety of terminal peripherals. Desktop system running check.

7, to provide a monthly regular information services: the first working day of each month, the last month repair, repair, maintenance, maintenance records in the form of electronic documents submitted to monitor the responsibility. 

8, regularly requested professional monitoring equipment company, the equipment for maintenance.