Fault Indicators Market Demand Increased Significantly

In recent years, China mass for with two network transformation engineering, national investment hundreds of millions of to construction, but while economic of accelerated development also with out series of was to accept of "electric shortage", which raised has more than 100 years power history Shang most mass of power investment, and of close connected of lost distribution industry economic with of also increasingly developed, which fault indicator of market demand more is greatly increased.

Fault indicator of production enterprises and the development of related technologies do not have a long history, but in the development of high technology, driven by growing production fault indicator, more than dozens of manufacturers. Products with higher technology content, can according to user's demand to produce the products, the introduction of new products have an increasingly higher frequencies, most manufacturers according to their programmes and research results, launching its own products, some products even with international advanced technology.

At present, the market is in great demand across the country, because there are still a lot of power not start power line fault monitoring, still rely on manpower to maintain the line, but the situation gradually improved in the future.

2004 in national of guide sex file in the on mentioned, recommends has conditions of power units are to Shang line fault indicator, because in lost distribution grid run system in the, line branch more, run way complex, line of management maintenance workload is big, occurred fault Shi query time-consuming effort, power reliability lower, and fault indicator can make up above lost power fault query of insufficient, province Shi effort, for fast query fault points, fast recovery power provides powerful of guarantees.