Fault Trip Of Power Distribution Lines Often Appear And Cause Analysis

Distribution line at fault that mainly show trip short circuits, distribution power system fault trip will affect line safe operation and the normal usage of electricity, further may be more due to power outage you irreparable economic loss, and system of distribution line fault trip occurs is mainly due to the following conditions:

(1) has serious line in the system of urban and rural power distribution line ultra long, branching, line small diameter, high load operation of distribution system problems to cause tripping at the distribution line systems;

(2) with the national development and regional development, deepen people's growing demand for electricity in order to increase power system load, finally exceeding the limits of power system able to withstand fault trip circuitry;

(3) distribution line management appears line inspection and maintenance of the system enough safety distance and lines not enough problems, resulting in frequent trip;

(4) natural lightning in the rain or a typhoon, some disasters cause the line facility is damage caused by fault trip occurs;

(5) external damage caused failure of the line facilities damaged tripping and wiring failures due to ageing tripped frequently.

(6) install failure, and so on.