Line Fault Indicator Can Promptly Remind The Driver

1, external inspection.

Carefully asked the driver of the phenomenon of failure, the time, the situation, the general judge the location of the fault is the mechanical system or the problem of electronic control system. At the same time, you can also use the fault diagnosis instrument to retrieve the fault code. If there is a fault code, according to the instructions indicated by the fault code to exclude; if no fault code,Line Fault Indicator can be the basic check. Before making a check, perform an external check, which includes two pieces of content.

1) Check whether the sensor connector is off. Open the hood, one by one to check the sensor connector is loose, broken, gently pull the hand, and plug the sensor, the sensor should be more dust on the net, so as not to affect the signal transmission effect.

2) Check whether the pipe joint is broken off. Check the intake system pipe is broken leak, joints are loose, into the oil pipeline, the joints are oil, found that oil leakage, leakage of the place should be handled, timely cleaning and replacement of air filter cartridge.

2, the basic inspection

1) Check the fuel system pressure. If the pressure is too high, should check the fuel pressure regulator is normal, the filter is blocked, gasoline filter is blocked.

2) Check the spark plug, high voltage line. Check the spark plug electrode ablation is serious, if serious should be replaced; at the same time, check whether the phenomenon of high voltage leakage, if it should be replaced. Spark plug ablation and high voltage insulation is breakdown breakdown,Line Fault Indicator easy to cause the ignition energy is insufficient, resulting in mixed gas combustion quality, power shortage, fuel consumption is too high and so on.

3) Check the injector. When the injector is damaged or clogged, it will produce idling tank, accelerate the powerless, exhaust pipe blasting, acceleration when the phenomenon of car or the lack of oil supply; resulting in fuel consumption is too high. Injector inspection, can be unplugged fuel injector connected to the computer plug, with a multimeter to measure the voltage value of each pin,Line Fault Indicator this value should be the battery voltage, or as an electromagnetic coil circuit; measurement of each injector two pins , If it is 0, it means short circuit. The standard value of the resistor should be 13 ~ 18Ω (Jetta engine).

3, electronic control system inspection

1) Check the oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensor failure mainly for the two forms; line fault and oxygen sensor work poor. Line fault. Divided into external line failure and internal line failure, such a fault when the computer detects a fault code, you can view the external lines with or without open circuit,Line Fault Indicator the internal and external lines can be directly replace the oxygen sensor failure. Oxygen sensor is working poorly. This type of faulty computer detects no fault code. With the data flow diagnosis, the value of the value of the pill value is not stable, more than ± 25% of the standard value or slow change, usually the oxygen sensor is faulty, need to be replaced.

2) Check the air flow meter. Air flowmeter failure mainly for the two forms: circuit failure and computer detection without fault code. Circuit failure is divided into external lines and internal lines, the computer detects a fault code, check the external lines in the plug and the connection between the computer is broken and ground. If it is normal, it means that the air flow meter is damaged and should be replaced. Computer fault detection code fault is more common, this time due to dirty air flow meter and other reasons, reflecting the value of a certain deviation, resulting in fuel consumption is too high. With the data flow check, the key check the fuel injection time and normal when there is no deviation (such as Jetta normal fuel injection time of 1.6 ~ 1.8ms),Line Fault Indicator whether the accumulation of regular injection time is too long, and then check the intake volume is paralysis Constant value of the value of the normal (normal air intake of 3.0 ~ 4.0g / s), idle when the engine is running stable, jitter. When these phenomena occur, the air flow meter should be replaced in time.

3) Check intake air temperature sensor and coolant temperature sensor. When using a computer to detect a fault code, check the resistance of the multimeter with a multimeter to check if the two sensors are damaged.

1, the vehicle exhaust pipe to take white smoke, cold when serious, hot car does not take white smoke

Failure to determine: false fault.

Cause Analysis: This is because the gasoline contains water, and the engine is too cold, then enter the cylinder fuel is not completely burned to produce fog or water vapor to produce white smoke. Winter or rainy season When the car starts for the first time, you can often see white smoke.

Solution: It does not matter, once the engine temperature rises, white smoke will disappear. This condition does not need to be overhauled.