Line Fault Indicator Trouble-shooting Skills Are Demanding

Line Fault Indicator As a maintenance electrician, in addition to the work of the equipment and the line of reasonable installation, good commissioning and routine maintenance and inspection, how in the event of failure, can quickly identify the cause of the fault, the correct handling of the fault is to ensure that the equipment is normal An important guarantee of operation. The skills of troubleshooting are very important to the maintenance of electricians, the importance of performance in the following areas:

1, equipment failure can not run, and sometimes cause a lot of economic losses, will affect the efficiency of the enterprise, so the maintenance of electrician troubleshooting skills are demanding.

2, for electrical problems involved in a wide range of random high, troubleshooting skills is to repair electrical industry (trade) a major feature, but also on the maintenance of electrician troubleshooting skills put forward higher requirements.

3, in addition, whether from the professional standards,Line Fault Indicator or skills assessment, although the failure of the assessment with a certain chance, but because it reflects the maintenance of electrician a certain combination of skills, reflecting the occupation (type of work) characteristics, Continuation of the assessment of the project. And often set the fault line item to "negative item". That is, if this assessment is not qualified, then the entire assessment as failed.

In actual work, the electrical fault occurs in a wide range,Line Fault Indicator involving each part of the electrical system, and the failure is the ever-changing, random. Queuing method of failure can only be based on the specific circumstances of the failure, there is no strict fixed mode, which is part of the maintenance staff are confused in the process of troubleshooting often take a lot of detours, and even cause greater losses, especially Is for beginners, often do not know where to start.

As a maintenance electrician, should be in the event of failure, can quickly identify the cause of the fault, reasonable and correct handling of the point of failure, which improve labor productivity, reduce economic losses and safety have a significant role. As a technician,Line Fault Indicator in addition to their own should have a higher knowledge and skills, but also should have the senior staff and the following level of maintenance personnel training and guidance ability. The following with its electrical control systems and production, living lighting system common problems, and colleagues to explore in order to learn from each other, promote and improve.

An electrical control circuit, it can be simple and can be complicated. However, any complex control lines are always organically combined by some simpler links. Each link is composed of several electrical components, each electrical components and by a number of components. However, faults are often caused only by problems with one or more electrical components, components, or wiring. The method of electrical line fault analysis is summarized as follows: 

Electrical control lines in a variety of forms,Line Fault Indicator varying degrees of complexity, and its failures are often mechanical, hydraulic system staggered together, it is difficult to distinguish. Commonly used electrical control circuit fault inspection and analysis methods are: research methods, test methods, logic analysis and measurement methods. In general, the research method can help us to find the fault phenomenon; and the test method can not only find the fault phenomenon, but also to find the fault location or fault circuit; logic analysis method to reduce the fault range of effective methods; The point of failure of the basic reliable and effective way.