Line Fault Indicator You Can Always See The Existence Of The Problem

In life, we will always encounter such a car failure, today, give us a summary of the car's most common car fault determination and solutions. Read, in the daily life of a car encountered a similar phenomenon,Line Fault Indicator they can know the reason, rational response.

1, the engine oil pressure indicator shows abnormal

Cause Analysis: When the table pointer shows the oil pressure is not normal, indicating that the engine parts are faulty. If the oil gauge pointer shows low pressure or instrument pointer display fluctuations, may be due to oil pump wear, the filter is blocked dirt, oil filter screen exposed oil, oil liquid level is low, mixed with air in the oil As well as pressure gauge failure and other reasons. In addition, the viscosity of low lubricants,Line Fault Indicator oil seal and poor lubrication, lubricating oil too cold viscosity, too much oil sludge deposition, etc. will also cause the oil pressure indicator shows abnormal.

Solution: should be promptly to the repair shop for replacement repair.

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2, unscrew the radiator cover found that there are always some oil floating in the water, and found that oil for oil.

Analysis of the reasons: the engine has two major circulatory system, one is the coolant circulation system, the other is the oil circulation system,Line Fault Indicator the two systems do not pass each other. If there is water in the oil or oil, it indicates that there is a problem in a separate place in the two circulatory systems. "Oil into the water" and "water into the oil" is two different nature of the fault. "Oil into the water" is the engine body itself out of the problem, and "water into the oil" is caused by the engine parts, the nature of the failure is not the same.

Solution: should be promptly to the repair shop for replacement repair.

3, the car accelerates the oil pressure indicator light will be lit.

Analysis of reasons: oil lamp lit real and virtual two cases. The so-called real, that is, oil pressure is really low, low to the warning light issued a warning level,Line Fault Indicator indicating that the lubrication system is faulty, must be excluded. The so-called virtual, as doubted, the oil lubrication system is not faulty, but the oil pressure indicator system failure, accidentally lit the light.

Solution: This failure will not affect the normal work of the engine, but should also find the root causes, to exclude the better. Often the possibility of real disease is greater, should be used as the main idea to judge the fault.

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4, the car in the event of a failure that caused the steering wheel swing, and heavy truck swing more serious.

Analysis of reasons: under normal circumstances is due to uneven tire wear on the front wheel, the use of new tires or tires uneven steel ring caused by deformation. Because,Line Fault Indicator when the wheel speed is fast, the torque that drives the steering wheel rotates mainly from the deflection of the tires or the steel ring. When the tires or steel ring of the pendulum more than 3mm, the yaw moment can drive the steering wheel swing around.

Solution: should go to repair the factory inspection, depending on the circumstances change the tire or steel ring.

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5, in a good road on the high-speed, heavy, empty when the steering wheel are swinging, heavy truck swing when the serious, and the faster the speed, the more serious swing.

Analysis of the reasons: generally due to brake drum and hub connecting bolts loose,Line Fault Indicator hub bearing hole loose and brake drum boring from the center leaving the brake drum thickness varies, resulting in unbalanced.

Solution: Repair the repair shop in time.

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6, the engine oil consumption is too large

Analysis of reasons: careful friends will find that the oil in the case of good condition there is a normal consumption, but some of the poor conditions when the car exhaust emissions of blue smoke, in fact, this means that the oil consumption is too large, generally Said that the consumption of lubricating oil is nothing more than two cases, into the combustion chamber to participate in combustion, or oil leakage. The reason why oil can flee into the combustion chamber, mainly because of serious wear and tear parts, with the gap is too large,Line Fault Indicator or oil pressure is too high, leading to oil into the combustion chamber. The oil leakage is mainly due to the seal hardening aging. If it is old vehicles, there are generally sealed due to aging and lax situation.

Solution: You'd better be through a professional conservation center, determined by the conservation engineer, and implement an effective solution.