Line Fault Indicator You Can Know The Existence Of The Problem In Time

There is a lot of fault lights on the car dashboard, and some fault lights are lit and you need to go for maintenance. But some fault lights light you need to be vigilant,Line Fault Indicator they will not only seriously damage the normal function of the car, ignoring the continued driving is likely to bring driving danger.

Here are 10 more dangerous fault lights, we pay more attention, especially the new car partners.

First, the state of the vehicle handbrake

We stop a habit is to pull the handbrake,Line Fault Indicator yes the indicator light used to display the state of the vehicle handbrake, usually off the state.

When the handbrake is pulled up, the indicator light automatically lights up. When the handbrake is lowered, the indicator goes off automatically. Some models in the driving did not put the hand brake will be accompanied by a warning sound.

Second, the use of battery status

Under normal circumstances to open the key door, the vehicle began to self-test, the indicator light. Automatically extinguished after startup.

If the battery indicator light is on after the start,Line Fault Indicator indicating that the battery appears to use the problem, need to be replaced.

Third, the engine oil pressure situation

It is very simple to open the key door, the vehicle began to self-test, the indicator light, after the start off. The indicator light is always on,Line Fault Indicator indicating that the engine oil engine pressure below the specified standard, you need to repair.

Fourth, ABS working status

ABS work status, we open the key door, ABS lights will be lit for a few seconds, then go out, this is normal

If it is not lit or does not go out after the start, indicating that ABS failure.