Overhead Line Fault Indicator Check The Power Supply Voltage Periodically

Overhead Line Fault Indicator In the start of the vehicle, the dashboard will always light up a lot of red and green small icons, and then all have extinguished, and finally only the basic fuel consumption, mileage, outside the temperature and some basic information. Many people know that those other icons are lit when the self-test, but they are in the end what the representative of what function I am afraid some of my heart whispered.

In fact, under normal circumstances you do not have to understand all the meaning of the icon, but if someday you do not know the icon has a bright situation, it is estimated that most people will be more at a loss, do not know where the car is not bad, But also can not continue to happy in a spectrum, I believe many people have encountered such a situation it So today we give you one by one about the dashboard may appear, or that you should have some understanding of the significance of the light, so that in most cases can be aware of the number.

1. When the light is dark, there is a flicker

The reason for this situation is that the line is bad or the terminal screws are not tightened. In this case, we should check the line condition, connect the power cord and tighten the screws, and press the wire.

2. How does the Overhead Line Fault Indicator turn off?

The reason for this situation is generally a problem with the line or the selected signal does not meet the requirements of the power supply voltage. At this time we have to check whether the power switch is turned on, the line is smooth, if the DC circuit should use the resistance step-down Overhead Line Fault Indicator on it.

3. The Overhead Line Fault Indicator appears to smoke

This situation is more serious, generally lead to direct damage to the light, the reason for this situation is generally the power supply voltage is higher than the rated operating voltage or short circuit. At this time we have to check the power supply voltage, to use and match the voltage indicator can be.

4. Overhead Line Fault Indicator is not enough, very dark how to do

This situation is generally the power supply voltage is lower than the rated operating voltage of the indicator, with the above, just the light will not be damaged, the choice of rated voltage and power supply voltage can be the same indicator.