Overhead Line Fault Indicator Effectively Quickly Find Out The Fault Location

Routing of transmission lines is a complex work, social, economic, environmental and natural factors and so it has an important influence, is a key line of investment, construction and operation of transmission are convenient affected. Therefore, in the entire design process should be given a high degree of attention. Choice divided map on line selection and site selected line in two phases,Overhead Line Fault Indicator the election should be prepared on-line map prepared in advance, such as gathering 1/1 million to 1 / 50,000 topographic map; understanding of power system planning; urban, industrial and mining development, water , Railway, high-grade highway planning; forest and economic crop distribution; military facilities, navigation stations, radio,Overhead Line Fault Indicator power lines have been the situation. According to the grasp of the situation, try to avoid the impact of the scope of the line to facilitate traffic, the shortest path, the best terrain. The preparation of a number of path programs or local small program for comparison, generally retain the two programs as a preliminary plan.

According to the system planning to provide the load data selected wire cross-section, the method is generally selected by the economic current density, with voltage loss, corona, mechanical strength and heat conditions to be verified. Due to the rapid development of China's national economy,Overhead Line Fault Indicator coupled with the lack of long-term planning of individual industries, often when the line is built, and soon reached full load operation. Therefore, the choice of economic current density, the need to combine the local socio-economic development planning a reasonable choice, the conditions should be appropriate to increase the maximum load utilization hours to reduce the line after the operation, because the wire cross-section selection unreasonable, resulting in overload run. Overload operation is not only high loss, but also easy to connect the wire connection, the operation of the security risks. Wiring according to the environment and should be used to select conditions, selected ordinary ACSR general,Overhead Line Fault Indicator for the heavy ice line ACSR aluminum Alternatively, the old line engineered to increase transmission capacity can be considered alumite Alloy steel core aluminum wire, at the same time to pay attention to the choice of aluminum steel cross-section ratio. If necessary, should also be determined through the technical and economic comparison. After the wire is determined, select the wire cross section according to the procedure and determine the model. Ordinary ground wire selection should be necessary for its thermal stability check, for the dirty areas should adopt zinc-aluminum alloy layer of steel strand.

Wind speed, ice thickness and atmospheric temperature of the different values become meteorological conditions combination. The combination of meteorological conditions should reflect the laws of natural change and the possibility of their simultaneous appearance, but also consider the rationality of technical and economic; not only reflect the objective and practical risk level,Overhead Line Fault Indicator to ensure the operation of the line, construction, maintenance work safety, But also to consider the economic rational and computational convenience. In the technical to make the line in the case of danger (wind, ice, wind, low temperature, sustained high temperature) to normal operation, in the case of broken cable is not inverted, the accident does not expand. When the internal over-voltage, maximum wind speed, the wires of flashover occurs,Overhead Line Fault Indicator the highest temperature at or iced wire ensure adequate safety distance, the personal device not an accident during construction. In order to standardize the design, in addition to special meteorological factors should be used as far as possible standard weather zone, while the investigation should pay attention to micro terrain, micro-meteorological effects.

According to the voltage level of the transmission line, through the regional lightning activity and the existing line running experience to determine the number of ground wire to determine the ground protection angle. Overhead transmission lines are most effective lightning protection ground using the ground, and the ground protection angle is smaller, the better its shielding (typically less than 20 °), for the same tower as far as possible using the loop line Negative protection angle, conditions permitting to increase the insulation level,Overhead Line Fault Indicator ie using a balanced high insulation.

Reducing the grounding resistance is an effective means to improve the level of mine line, so the cement pole of the ground, cross arm and insulator fixed part, should have a reliable connection and grounding, the design should strengthen the soil resistivity of the measured work, Grounding device, as much as possible to reduce the grounding resistance, which reduces the line lightning strikeout rate, improve the safe operation of the line level is very meaningful.