Overhead Line Fault Indicator Improve Power Supply Reliability, Improve Customer Satisfaction

China's production of fault indicators of the enterprise and related technology development history is not long, but driven by the development of high-tech, fault indicator production is growing. Product technology content is getting higher and higher, able to meet the needs of users to produce the appropriate products, the frequency of the introduction of new products is also getting higher and higher. In recent years my company based on their own programs and research results, and the introduction of unique products, some products even with international advanced technology.

Intelligent Overhead Line Fault Indicator is the upgrading of existing overhead Overhead Line Fault Indicator products. The main features for the flop and light display at the same time, is also installed in a 6-35KV transmission and distribution lines, for the detection of overhead lines and short-circuit fault point of the device. After the fault occurs, the patrol personnel can quickly determine the faulty section and find the point of failure by means of the red alarm display or light display of the indicator. Intelligent fault indicator manufacturing technology is still using the national invention patent, power supply line single-phase ground fault display method and the instrument used. Intelligent Overhead Line Fault Indicator installed in the overhead line, power cable, box change, ring network cabinet, cable branch box, used to indicate the fault current path. After the line failure, patrol line staff can use the indicator alarm display, quickly determine the fault section, and find the point of failure. At the same time, the fault indicator can be real-time detection of the line running and fault location, such as power transmission, power failure, grounding, short circuit, over-current and so on. In the line running state changes quickly inform the duty officer and management personnel, quickly make processing decisions, can greatly improve the reliability of power supply, improve customer satisfaction.

Fault indicator for the power system to provide a powerful tool for fault detection, by the majority of line maintenance staff favorite, but now its fault must also rely on manpower to start from the substation part of the view, the level of automation is not high. Now my company combines modern communication technology and computer technology, the scene of the fault indicator information sent to the monitoring center (such as distribution management system), real-time monitoring of various operating conditions of the line, the computer after processing to sound and light alarm , Screen display, etc. to inform the staff on duty, indicating the monitoring of the running state of the line changes and confirm the change location, will be able to further improve the fault handling capacity, shorten the processing time.

The Overhead Line Fault Indicator is a device mounted on an overhead line, a power cable and a switchgear busbar row for indicating a fault current path. Once the line is short-circuited, the patrol line can quickly determine the fault section, branch, and point of failure with the red alarm display on the indicator. Completely change the past blind hunt, sub-closed to find the fault section of the backward method. Domestic companies produce short-circuit fault indicator learn from the latest technology in the 1990s, the use of intelligent circuits, special chips, compared with the domestic early analog circuits, semiconductor discrete devices with higher reliability and anti-jamming capability. Hope that the majority of electric power workers and electrical engineers to give care and support.