Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool The Charge Indicator Flashes Once And Continues To Increase The Speed

In situ start the engine to observe the charging indicator light, the engine successfully after the start of the fault light goes out, in situ will gradually increase the engine speed, up to 1200r / min,Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool the charging light flashes once, continue to increase the speed, charging indicator will flash bright. Repeated test observation, found that the charging indicator light is no law to follow.

According to the car fault phenomenon, the author analysis of possible causes are as follows.

(1) battery power shortage.

(2) generator regulator internal short circuit

(3) generator-related line short circuit virtual connection.

(4) interference with other circuits or electronic components.

I use a multimeter to check the vehicle power generation, measured battery voltage, idling state of 14.2V, increase the speed after 14.2 ~ 14.4 V floating. Compared with the normal vehicle no difference,Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool so you can rule out the possibility of generating power shortage.

According to the circuit diagram to check the relevant line, the car generator control terminal for the excitation control circuit and charge indicator control circuit. Power generation voltage is normal, the basic can eliminate the possibility of excitation circuit failure. Battery indicator work is the normal work of the generator, disconnect the generator output of the negative signal sent to the combination of the instrument,Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool so that the charging indicator light off. The car charging indicator light again after the light to show that there is a negative signal once again sent to the combination of instrumentation, which can determine the fault occurs in the generator itself or the line to the ground short circuit.

The generator side disconnects the indicator light again after the test line, the charging indicator light is no longer bright. Taking into account the user has replaced a new generator, in the maintenance of the same parts rarely encounter the same failure, but in order to confirm the failure again,Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool I found the same vehicle generator and faulty vehicle for the transfer test. The results found that the fault on the vehicle installed on the normal vehicle on all normal, and the normal vehicle on the generator installed in the fault car is still the fault, which can exclude the generator's own problems. So where is the fault? At this point maintenance stalled.

Ready to install the required tools: drill, Phillips screwdriver, a square plastic stencil. The first square of the plastic template fixed, according to their own height to facilitate the adjustment of the space, when fixed after a good, and then use the original production with the screws to be fixed, and finally drill with two holes fixed on the line. If it is hot kitchen treasure, its power is generally below 4000W,Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool can be installed in the kitchen sink below or above a good water pipes and lines, with splash-proof socket.