Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool Good Heat Resistance And Good Heat Resistance

Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool can be intelligent, and is an important component of intelligent distribution network, which features can be sensing it? The first is the conventional secondary equipment commonly obtained line voltage (or electric field) and current, both including its steady-state power frequency components, including its transient high-frequency components; followed by the mechanical characteristics of the line such as displacement acceleration, geographical location, Tolerance and other dynamic behavior; and its environmental changes such as temperature, sound, images and so on. What are the intelligent imaginations that we can do for Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool when we have these behavioral data? Capacity management, load deployment, power outage perception, short circuit fault handling, of course not to mention; ice perception, sag monitoring and other manual inspection content to state inspection will not be a problem; even if the transient current accuracy is not high enough, scratch head single-phase ground , Single-phase disconnection, arc grounding and other difficult problems can easily locate. Therefore, the functional era of overhead-type fault indicator to the overhead line of intelligent sensing direction of evolution.

Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool of the wire, lightning line frame set in the wild, perennial operation in the open air, not only often bear their own tension, but also by the impact of various weather conditions, and sometimes by the atmosphere of various chemical gases and impurities erosion. So the wire and lightning line in addition to the requirements of a good electrical conductivity, but also requires a higher mechanical strength. The third is good mechanical strength; four is a good resistance to vibration, wear resistance, chemical resistance to corrosion; five is light weight, low prices, stable performance; the first is the specific requirements of the wire, one is high conductivity; As shown in Figure 3-6.

Composition: wires, poles, insulators, lines, gold and so on.

Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool should be widely used steel core aluminum wire or aluminum wire. High-voltage overhead line of aluminum cross-section shall not be less than 50 square millimeters, core aluminum strand section is not less than 35 square millimeters; empty section is not 16 square millimeters.

1, the wire cross-section should meet the needs of the maximum load.

2, the choice of cross-section should also meet the voltage loss is not greater than the rated voltage of 5% (high voltage overhead line), or 2% ~ 3 (the visual requirements of the higher lighting lines). And should meet certain mechanical strength.