Overhead Type Fault Indicator Installation Steps

1) terminal installation supervision and configuration data:

-Check that the internal and external data terminal is in good condition, follow the installation program checks the data terminal ID;

-Check that the SIM card is inserted;

-Connect the battery cable, check if connected;

GSM-connection and short-distance wireless communication antennas, check if connected;

-Open Terminal power supply, check whether data terminal start normally;

-Close and secure data terminal door.

2) installation supervision and configuration fault indicator:

-Check the External fault indicator is intact, follow the installation programme to check the fault indicator ID;

3) engineers installed a data terminal:

-General data online pole terminal clamp installation, should ensure that the ground clearance is more than 6 m (to prevent theft), while distance perpendicular to the wire at a distance less than 10 meters (guarantee the stability indicator and data communication);

-Normal data terminal solar panels (positive) direction for the South (data terminal solar power works best), where the building or trees and shelter data terminals installed up or install location to move into adjacent line post.

4) engineers installed fault indicator:

-Turn indicator installation tool fixed on the insulation, insulated Rod 7~10 m is appropriate.