Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator Reduce Power Outages And Power Outages

Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator is used in the transmission and distribution lines, power cables and switchgear access line, used to indicate the flow of fault current flow device. Once the line fails, patrol line staff can use the indicator of the alarm display, quickly determine the point of failure, troubleshooting. Completely change the past blind patrol line, sub-closing power transmission to find the fault behind the practice.

The power Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator originated in Germany in the 1980s and was designed to indicate the way in which the power line short-circuit current flows and help people find the point of failure.

Into the twentieth century, people began to pay attention to Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator signal remote problem. The remote realization of the signal, breaking the overhead line and cable equipment line of sight obstacles to extend the observation of the distance, and gradually evolved into a distribution line fault location system.

China from the nineties began to introduce and learn foreign Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator development technology, to the twenty-first century, the major domestic manufacturers began to study the line of single-phase ground fault detection problems, and have launched a number of trial products, such as ground fault indication And short-circuit ground two-in-one fault indicator. China's power system mechanically set the former Soviet Union model, 110kV following distribution system is mainly used in small current grounding system, the neutral point is not grounded or by arc-suppression coil grounding.

Today, with the rapid development of chip manufacturing technology and communication technology, all the digital fault indicator has emerged. Prior to this, the fault indicator mainly uses analog devices and logic combination circuit, there have been the so-called intelligent fault indicator, but this type of indicator is mainly analog circuits into single-chip, signal acquisition, fault criteria and communication The actual change in technology is not, the performance of the signal is not quantified, the parameters can not be adjusted. Digital fault indicator in addition to fault detection, indication and signal remote and other "remote" function, but also can achieve "telemetry" signal quantization, "remote control" and "remote control" parameter adjustment function. For all digital fault indicators, we can understand that the traditional fault indicator is like traditional relay protection, all-digital fault indicator is now widely used as a microcomputer protection.

In the ring network distribution system, especially in the large number of ring network load switch system, if the next level distribution network system, a short circuit fault or ground fault occurs, the upper power supply system must be within the specified time Break off to prevent a major accident. By using the fault indicator, you can mark the faulty part. The maintenance personnel can quickly find the faulty section according to the alarm signal of the indicator, disconnect the fault zone, and restore the power supply in the fault-free section in time to save a lot of working time and reduce the power failure time and power failure range.

Fault indicator consists of two parts of the sensor and the display, the sensor is responsible for detecting the current through the cable, the monitor is responsible for the sensor to send the current information to determine and make fault indication action. When a fault indicator is installed on the line, when the system fails, due to the fault current from the point of failure to the feeding point, all the fault indicators on the line between the fault point and the feeding point are caused, The indicator light will flash. From the feed point, along the fault indicator light line has been looking for, the last shiny point is the point of failure. Promote the use of cable fault indicator, help to find a shorter point in time, is to improve the distribution level of the distribution network and the efficiency of an effective way to deal with accident.