Technology Instruction Line Quick-fix Line Patient

Trip is refers to line in nonhuman for operation of situation Xia, control switch produced has protective points gate disconnect circuit of phenomenon, General is because line occurred has current leak or line current load had big by led to, and this a fault of occurred and is divided into hidden fault and dominant fault, hidden fault end Hou can through closing recovery normal power, dominant fault is need immediately repair to recovery power.

However, regardless of is hidden also is dominant fault, once occurred is must excluded, so as not to effect future of security power, caused not necessary of economic loss, these phenomenon occurred time are very short, maintenance personnel and cannot in first time found, need late through large of time for carefully troubleshooting to found, but due to line used high erection, has must of height, observation Shi very inconvenience, and trip accident most occurred in Gale, and thunderstorm weather, find work is nothing more than is harder ; The segment in some special circumstances, and even threaten the personal safety of maintenance personnel.

Summary above all factors, ahead of do repair work will is necessary, so in around city power sector, often will for various of repair walkthrough, to accident occurred Shi, can fast of solution problem, which are reference has advanced of technology means, technology means of reference can in first time feedback fault where, greatly reduced fault find of time, also can avoid maintenance personnel through dangerous regional, strengthening on staff of protection.