Pressure Spring Type Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool

Pressure Spring Type Overhead Line Fault Indicator Installation Tool
Product Details

Quick Details

Model Number: JDX/JDG-T 
Brand Name: Chaobo  
Usage: For Pressure Spring Type Overhead type fault indicator installing and uninstalling
Material: Insulating Plastics
Color: Red
Other Request:To be used with hot stick
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Lead time for sample: Within 5 days

Function and benefit

◆ Line fault indicator can quickly indicate the fault line and fault point, reducing the power outage area.

◆ Shorten troubleshooting time and increase power sales and power supply reliability.

◆ Accurately indicate instantaneous faults, which is conducive to eliminating power supply hazards.

◆ Provides technical means for finding hidden fault points.

◆ Shorten the search time of the fault point and reduce the labor intensity of the line inspection personnel.

◆ Define the fault responsibility area and clarify the responsible person.

◆ Avoid the impact of traditional multiple pull-up patrol lines on power equipment.


Test Report:
Our products have already passed the test by CMA, CNAS,CE till now, and we also have ability to arrange other relevant testing and factory audit as your requirement.