Clamp Joint Type Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator With LED

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Model Number: CBDL-JDG 
Joint Type: Clamp Joint Type  
Application: Overhead 6-35KV High Voltage Cable
IP Code: IP65   

Clamp Joint Type Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator With LED is molded in one piece of high-strength and high-transparency aerospace material and is nano-technically processed for better translucent. It has anti-fouling, anti-aging, maintenance-free and long service life.

Function and Benefit

1. Quickly indicate the fault line and fault point to reduce the power outage area;

2. Shorten troubleshooting time and increase power sales and power supply reliability;

3. Accurately indicate instantaneous faults, which is conducive to eliminating potential power hazards;

4. Provides technical means for finding hidden permanent points of failure;

5. Shorten the search time of the fault point and reduce the labor intensity of the line inspection personnel;

6. Define the fault responsibility area and clarify the responsible person;

7. Avoid the impact of traditional multiple pull-up patrol lines on power equipment;


1. High-performance lithium battery, the service life can reach more than 8 years.

2. A circuit board composed of imported components such as a dedicated chip and a single chip microcomputer.

3. Housing made of aviation and nano materials.

4. It is nickel-plated and has strong magnetic permeability. Card line structure that can be installed electrically.

5. It adopts red fluorescent paint, which is strong in vision and can be clearly indicated under nighttime illumination. And long-term display of the rotating body without fading under outdoor ultraviolet radiation.

Technical Parameters
◆Applicable voltage grade: U≥6-35KV
◆Applicable wire current: I≤1200A
◆Applicable wire diameter: 16mm sq≤D≤240mm sq
◆Action response time: 0.06s≤t≤3s
◆Reset time: 6,12,24,48H (Selectable, Default 24H)
◆Ambient temperature: -35℃≤T≤+70℃
◆Operation times: ≥5000Times
◆Static power loss: ≤10μW
◆Protection class: IP65

 Action principle
Short circuit detection principle: According to the phenomenon of short circuit,the current break when short circuit happen, the action on the basis of the protection movement power outages.
Used to judge the short circuit fault indicator diagram
As line 2# B phase 2,5,8 indicator and line 2# C phase 3,6,9 indicator turn red, but the 11,12 indicator still show white, that judged the point D happen short circuit
Used to judge the grounding fault indicator diagram:
As line 2# C phase 3,6,9 indicator turn red,but the 12 indicator still show white, that judged the point D happen grounding fault.


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