Overhead Line Fault Indicator Type CBGZ-JDG

Overhead Line Fault Indicator Type CBGZ-JDG
Product Details

What is Fault Indicator's Function?

With the function of distant signal transmission, Overhead Line Fault Indicator type CBGZ-JDG is a kind of automatic monitoring device designed for loop grid distribution system of the urban and rural power grid.

Working principle

The indicator is flopped when a line fault occurs during the day. When the night is dark, the resistance of the photocell becomes larger, so the single-chip microcomputer is turned on, the flop is reset, and the light-emitting tube is turned on at the same time. When the day is bright, because the indicator's predetermined reset time has not expired, the photocell receives the light resistance value, the MCU resets, cuts off the LED, and turns on the flop mechanism, so the flop indication is restored.


◆ Installed in the middle section of the long line and the branch entrance, indicating the line fault section and fault branch.

◆ Installed at the substation exit, it can be determined whether the fault is caused by the user.

◆ Installed at the user's variable pressure input line, it can be determined whether the fault is caused by the user.


Claimp Joint Type With LED


Outdoor Overhead 6-35KV High Voltage Cable

Working Ambient Temperature

-40℃ ~ +85℃

Relative Humidity


IP Code


Automatic Reset Time

2~36H (Selectable,Default 24H)

Cable Voltage Grade


Cable Current Grade


Action Times

More than 5000Times

Static Power


Power Supply

Non-Replaceable Lithium Cell(2Pcs 2400mAh 3.6V)

Working Life


Max Current Withstand


Short Circuit Trip Current

≥100A(Selectable,Default 100A)

Available Wire Diameter

16mm~ 40mm

Short Circuit Action Response Time

0.06S ~ 3S

Additional Function

Self-charged When The Line Current≥40A

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