Overhead Line Fault Indicator Type JDG

Product Details

What is Fault Indicator's Function?

With the function of distant signal transmission,Overhead Line Fault Indicator type JDG is a kind of automatic monitoring device designed for loop grid distribution system of the urban and rural power grid.

Why Should we Use a Fault Indicator?

---- Rapidly indicate the fault circuit and fault point, lessen the blackout area.

---- Shorten the time of troubleshooting, improving the reliability of power supply.

---- Accurately indicate the instant fault, which is conducive to rule out the power supply problems.

-----  Providing techniques to find the permanently hidden fault point.

-----  Shorten the time to find the fault point, reduce the labor intensity of patrol personnel.

-----  Defining the responsibility of the fault area and responsible people.

-----  Avoiding the impact to the electrical equipment because of repeatedly traditional patrollines pulling.

Applicable voltage gradeU≥6-35KV
Applicable wire currentI≤1200A
Applicable wire diameter16mm≤d≤240mm sq
Action response time0.06s≤t≤3s
Reset time6.12.24.48H
Ambient temperature-35≤T≤+70
Operation times≥5000
Static power loss≤10μW

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