Pull Rod Type Overhead Line Fault Indicator With LED

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Model Number: CBDL-JDG 
Brand Name: Chaobo  
Joint Type: Pull Rod Type  
Application: Overhead 6-35KV High Voltage Cable
IP Code: IP65  
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Lead time for sample: Within 5 days

Pull Rod Type Overhead Line Fault Indicator With LED is a real-time monitoring device for ring circuit switch, cable branch box and box change which are installed in the distribution network system to indicate short circuit and single phase ground fault of the corresponding cable section. It is a test device specially designed for automatic monitoring of the grid power supply system. It is suitable for medium and high voltage switchgear and power distribution system below 35KV. It is mainly used to detect, indicate, transmit fault signals and send remote indication alarms, as well as memory and recovery functions. The maintenance personnel can identify the interval where the fault occurs and improve the ability of fault analysis, so as to quickly eliminate the fault, reduce the power outage area, and shorten the power outage time. It plays an important role in ensuring the safe operation of the power grid and improving the power quality of the power grid.

 Function and Benefit
◆Indicate the fault line and fault point quickly, lessen the blackout area;
◆Shorten troubleshooting time,improving electricity and power supply reliability;
◆Accurately indicate the instant fault, which is conducive to rule out the power supply problems;
◆Providing technical means for find the hidden permanent fault point;
◆Shorten the search time to find the fault point, reduce the labor intensity of line patrol person;
◆Defining the responsibility of the fault area and responsible people;
◆Avoiding traditional multiple switch out,switch on,line patrol to the effects of power equipment.

 Technical Parameters
◆Applicable voltage grade: U≥6-35KV
◆Applicable wire current: I≤1200A
◆Applicable wire diameter: 16mm sq≤D≤240mm sq
◆Action response time: 0.06s≤t≤3s
◆Reset time: 6,12,24,48H (Selectable, Default 24H)
◆Ambient temperature: -35℃≤T≤+70℃
◆Operation times: ≥5000Times
◆Static power loss: ≤10μW
◆Protection class: IP65

 Action principle
Short circuit detection principle: According to the phenomenon of short circuit,the current break when short circuit happen, the action on the basis of the protection movement power outages.
Used to judge the short circuit fault indicator diagram
As line 2# B phase 2,5,8 indicator and line 2# C phase 3,6,9 indicator turn red, but the 11,12 indicator still show white, that judged the point D happen short circuit
Used to judge the grounding fault indicator diagram:
As line 2# C phase 3,6,9 indicator turn red,but the 12 indicator still show white, that judged the point D happen grounding fault.


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