Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator Type EKL4B

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Model Number: EKL4B 
Type: Panel Type  
Usage: Ring Main Unit, Cable Distribution Box, Switch Cabinet
IP Code: IP65(Fault Indicator Sensors) / IP55(Indicator Host) 

Main Function:
1. Short circuit fault alarm indication: The short-circuit fault sensor is installed on the single-phase cable to monitor the current change in the power supply line. When the value reaches or exceeds the set value of the short-circuit current action alarm, the short-circuit fault sensor sends an alarm signal, and sends the signal to the indicator host through the optical fiber. The corresponding short-circuit fault indicator flashes and an alarm indication is issued.

2. Earth fault alarm indication: The ground fault sensor is installed on the unshielded part of the three-phase cable bifurcation to detect the zero-sequence current value of the three-phase cable. When the value reaches or exceeds the set value of the ground current action alarm, the ground fault sensor sends an alarm signal and passes The fiber transmits this signal to the indicator host, and the ground fault indicator flashes to give an alarm indication.

3. Battery low battery alarm indication: When the internal battery voltage of the indicator main unit is reduced to 2.5V, an alarm signal is generated to prompt the maintenance personnel to replace the battery. This alarm signal can last for about two months. Furthermore it equipped with an external power supply interface,can use an external power source.(Type B terminal 12 "-", 9 "+"; Type A terminal 8 "+", 9 "-" AC/DC5V-10V).
4. Remote alarm and reset: After the short circuit or earth fault occurred, indicator sends the corresponding alarm signal at same time, cooperate with the distribution network automation (FTU) devices, and fault alarm signal can be transmitted to remote monitoring center, can also do remote manual reset operation.
5. Automatic reset: When the indicator gives an alarm signal, the indicator can be automatically reset if there is no manual reset within the set auto reset time.

6. Test and Reset: When the indicator signals an alarm, press the “Reset/Test” button on the indicator panel of the indicator to clear the alarm status. In the non-alarm state, press and hold the “Reset/Test” button on the indicator panel of the indicator for 3 seconds. All the indicators on the panel flash 10 times. The B type has a relay operation sound, indicating that the indicator is in normal working condition.

Main technical parameters:
Short Circuit Warning Current: 200-1500A Selectable (accuracy:±10%)Delay 20-300 ms when ordering can be selected by the user (The default factory Settings:800A. 20ms)
Earth Fault Warning Current: 5-50A Selectable (accuracy:±10%)Delay 20-300 ms when ordering can be selected by the user (The default factory Settings:20A. 20ms)
Short circuit sensor mounted cable diameter: outside diameter≤Φ40mm (other specifications shall be customized)
Earth fault sensor mounted cable diameter: outside diameter≤Φ120mm (other specifications shall be customized)
Working Ambient Temperature:-40℃-75℃  
Relative Humidity: ≤95%RH  Prevent Water, Acid and Salt fog
Working Power Supply: Lithium batteries or AC/DC(5V-10V)±15%
Remote Signal Contact Capacity: AC220V/1A
Remote Signal Contact Reset Method: Manual reset / Auto reset
Automatic Reset Time: 1-48H Selectable (accuracy:±5%) when ordering can be selected by the user (The default factory Settings:12H)
Indicator Host Boundary Dimension: 97×48×79mm
Indicator Host Installing Hole Size: 91.5mm x 43mm (tolerance:±0.3mm)
Sensor Optical fiber Length: 3m (4 pieces) (other specifications shall be customized)
Suitable for medium voltage below 35KV rating system.

Standard Configuration:
Indicator Host....................................1 piece
Short Circuit Fault Sensor..................3 pieces
Earth Fault Sensor..............................1 piece
Sensor Optical fiber............................4 pieces

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Test Report:
Our products have already passed the test by CMA, CNAS,CE till now, and we also have ability to arrange other relevant testing and factory audit as your requirement.