Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator Type EKL5.1

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Model Number: EKL5.1
Brand Name: Chaobo  
Type: Panel Type  
Usage: Ring Main Unit, Cable Distribution Box, Switch Cabinet
IP Code: IP65(Fault Indicator Sensors) / IP55(Indicator Host) 
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Lead time for sample: Within 5 days


Short circuit fault indicator type EKL5 is applicable to cable lines or buried lines that are not grounded or grounded by the arc suppression coil grounding system. It detects short-circuit and ground faults on split-phase cable lines and indicates through local flashing and remote fault alarms. The complete set consists of three phase sequence fault indicators, a zero sequence faulter and a panel indicator. EKL5.1 has two remote measurement data remote transmission functions, and has phase sequence cable temperature acquisition and local display function. It cooperates with remote communication unit to realize remote transmission measurement and fault alarm information remote transmission, and cable temperature measurement information remote transmission. In combination with the main station, it can realize the rapid positioning of cable line faults and temperature monitoring of cables. The fault indicator adopts advanced low-power plastic optical fiber communication technology, soft magnetic material technology and low power consumption technology to meet the expansion of smart distribution network technology development and solve the traditional life cycle management problem of fault indicators.

Working principle:
When the power supply circuit has a short circuit or earth fault occurs, the short circuit current or earth fault current make electromagnetic field changes, fixed in cable sensors on the measuring coil produce pulse signal, when the value of the pulse signal reach or more than the set of fault current value, fault indicator automatically memory fault state, fault indicator lights flashing issued instructions, at the same time by long range alarm interface, and the fault signal transmitted to the monitoring center, the staff through fault indicator signal can promptly and accurately to line fault location, timely troubleshooting, restore power supply.

Main function:

1. Short circuit fault criterion

2. Ground fault criteria

3. Telemetry and parameters

4. Temperature and current measurement and display functions

5. Fault alarm and anti-misoperation function

6. Automatic reset

7. Alarm function

8. Communication function

Main technical parameters:

Ambient temperature

-35℃ -75℃

Relative humidity


Pollution class


Protection class


Automatic reset time

4. 8. 12. 24H

Line voltage grade


Static power loss


Battery capacity

3.6V 2Ah

Relay capacity

230VAC  2A

Short circuit warning current


Earth fault warning current




Action delay time


Short circuit withstand current

≥20kA  2S

Applicable line diameter


Weight of whole set


Installing hole size


Standard Configuration:
LCD Indicator Host...........................1 piece
Short Circuit Fault Sensor................3 pieces
Earth Fault Sensor............................1 piece
The data connect cable....................1 set


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Test Report:
Our products have already passed the test by CMA, CNAS,CE till now, and we also have ability to arrange other relevant testing and factory audit as your requirement.