Short Circuit Fault Indicator Type EKL5

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Model Number: EKL5
Type: Panel Type  
Usage: Ring Main Unit, Cable Distribution Box, Switch Cabinet
IP Code: IP65(Fault Indicator Sensors) / IP55(Indicator Host) 


Short Circuit Fault Indicator Type EKL5 is widely used in 3kV-40.5kV power distribution systems, in various ring network cabinets, switch cabinets and cable branch boxes. By separately monitoring the line current and short circuit current of the three phases, the indicator can indicate a short circuit fault, which can indicate a ground fault by monitoring the zero sequence current. The fault indicator can be used by visual or audible alarms to help the inspector quickly find the location where the short circuit or ground fault occurred.

Current sensors are respectively installed on the three-phase line to monitor the line current change of the three-phase line. When the line current change amount reaches or exceeds the short-circuit fault alarm threshold (the alarm threshold can be set according to the user's needs), the short circuit The fault sensor will output an alarm signal, which is transmitted to the display unit through the optical fiber, and the corresponding fault indicator on the display unit will flash an alarm.


The short circuit and ground detector consists of 3 single-phase current sensors and 1 ground current sensor

Short-circuit fault indication: L1, L2, L3 are separated by one indicator

Ground fault indication: indicated by an indicator light

Remote transmission indication via two relay contacts

Auxiliary power supply: 24V-230V DC/AC or built-in lithium battery with low potential reminder

With reset/test button

Remote reset

Automatic reset: 8h/12h/24h/48h for user to choose settings

Working principle:

The principle of the short-circuit part is based on the short-circuit phenomenon; the current is abruptly changed at the moment of short-circuit, and the protection action is blackout as the action basis.

The grounding part detects the zero-sequence current of the line as the judgment basis, and the display mode is completed by the indicator light on the panel. When the cable system fails, if the grounding indicator on the panel is on, it indicates that the cable system has a ground fault; if a two-phase short-circuit indicator on the panel is on, it indicates that the two phases have a short-circuit fault.

Main function:
Short circuit fault alarm indication
Low battery alarm indication
Remote alarm and reset
Automatic reset (Selectable
Test and manual reset
High voltage electric indication
Interlocking function
High voltage phase checking and electric examination

Main technical parameters:

Ambient temperature

-35℃ -75℃

Relative humidity


Pollution class


Protection class


Automatic reset time

4. 8. 12. 24H

Line voltage grade


Static power loss


Battery capacity

3.6V 2Ah

Relay capacity

230VAC 2A

Short circuit warning current




Action delay time


Short circuit withstand current

≥20kA  2S

Applicable line diameter


Weight of whole set


Installing hole size


Standard Configuration:
Indicator Host...........................................1 piece
Short Circuit Fault Sensor.........................3 pieces
High Voltage Electric Sensor..........................3 pieces
Sensor Optical fiber..................................3 pieces

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Test Report:
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